Hopeful Harvest

Perfect 10 Gymnastics is proud to be the designated Tehachapi pick up location for Hopeful Harvest Produce. This fresh produce delivery is made possible by a partnership between Hopeful Harvest and Perfect 10 Gymnastics. You, your family and friends may purchase an approximately 15-pound box of Fresh Organic Produce while funding the efforts of Hopeful Harvest, a charity-based organization.


How It Works:


o Tell the Perfect 10 Office the total number of boxes you would like to order and of which type of box/es (mix and/or all fruit box) and turn in your check/checks payable to Hopeful Harvest to the Perfect 10 Office no later than the Monday prior to the delivery. When possible, please convert any cash you collect to check payable to Hopeful Harvest. $30 per Box.


o Pick up your boxes of Produce from Perfect 10 Gymnastics on the pick up date. Since this is Fresh Produce, it will need to be picked up no later than 7:30pm on the pick up date in order to prevent spoilage of Produce. If you are unable to pick up on the designated pick-up date, and you would like to order, please arrange for someone else to pick up your Produce. If you are unable to pick up on the designated pick-up date, and do not have someone to pick up your boxes, we understand that you may need to skip the order.


o To assure that your customers receive the freshest produce possible, please deliver Produce to your customers promptly. Sorry, for spoilage reasons, Perfect 10 will not have the ability to store unclaimed Produce overnight. If your produce order is not picked up by 7:30 PM on the pick up date, no refund will be given, and your produce will be donated.

Perfect 10 Gymnastics will be offering this wonderful opportunity twice a month. If you would like to receive reminder e-mails with information regarding upcoming deliveries, please sign-up in the Perfect 10 Office, call us at 661-822-7179, or email us at


Please feel free to contact Julie or Stevie in the Perfect 10 Office at 661-822-7179 with any questions. Or by e-mail at

See's Candies

An online See’s Candies Fundraiser  hosted by the Perfect 10 Gymnastics Parent Booster Club. All proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Perfect 10 Gymnastics Teams.

This is a great opportunity to order some gifts for the Holidays. 

Shop on the See’s Candies Perfect 10 Gymnastics Storefront from your computer, phone  or tablet . 

Perfect 10 Gymnastics See's Storefront 

The fundraiser  is up and running now, and has an End Date of 12/1/23.

The link  for the See’s Candies Perfect 10 Gymnastics Storefront is:

Alpine Farms Greenery

Order your Holiday Greenery in the Perfect 10 Office now through Thursday, November 7th. Cash or Check. Orders will be ready for pick-up from the gym sometime between between December 4th and December 8th .


Online Ordering: Have distant family members or friends that want to order? Want to send a gift to someone? There are a variety of items that can be ordered online at and directly shipped to the customer. Make sure that our special group code (PE2226) is inputted when asked for a coupon code, so that we get credit for the order. Please see the Perfect 10 Office for further details. Online ordering will be available until Tuesday, December 5th.

Alpine Farms Website